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Proudly serving the Boroughs of:
Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, New Freedom, and Stewartstown with limited police services provided to the Boroughs of Loganville, Winterstown and Railroad, the Southern York County School District and South Eastern School District.
Four Separate Incidents
Shrewsbury, New Freedom,
Stewartstown, PA
August 22-24, 2014    Details
Fleeing and Eluding / DUI
Shrewsbury, PA
August 24, 2014    Details
Shrewsbury, PA
August 17, 2014    Details
Distraction Robbery
Shrewsbury, PA
August 15, 2014    Details
Bank Robbery
Shrewsbury, PA
August 12, 2014    Details
Criminal Mischief / Attempted Arson
New Freedom Marge Goodfellow Park
July 29, 2014    Details

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