Southern Police Commission

The Southern Police Commission is comprised of two representatives from each full time participating municipality.

The borough representatives are chosen by each respective borough.

The full participating municipalities are Shrewsbury, Glen Rock, New Freedom, and Stewartstown with limited police services provided to the Boroughs of Loganville, Winterstown and Railroad, the Southern York County School District and South Eastern School District.

Shrewsbury Borough

Pete Schnabel  (Secr, Treas, Mayor
Richard Buchanan  (BC)
Nate Kirschman  (Alt)

New Freedom Borough

   Jeff Halapin  (Vice Chair, Mayor)
Brady Terrell
Kendall Connolly (Alt)

Glen Rock Borough

   John Trout  (Chair, CaL)

Rollin Apgar
Ann Merrick (Alt)

Stewartstown Borough

Bonner Smith  (Mayor)
Bill Gemmill  (BC)
Roy Burkins (Alt)

Police Commission meetings are held on the
1st Wednesday of every month and begin at 7pm.

Continuation meetings may also occur on the
3rd Tuesday according to the needs of the Commission.