Ordinance Awareness
All of the boroughs have a large number of local ordinances. Below are summaries of frequently used ordinances. Additional ordinance information can be obtained through the borough websites listed on the link page.

Glen Rock, New Freedom, Railroad, and Shrewsbury Boroughs

Curfew -
 Established ordinances that prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to be in public unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or going to or returning from employment during curfew hours.
Shrewsbury Borough curfew is from midnight to 6am.
The remaining three boroughs are from 11pm to 6am.

Dog Laws - In Pennsylvania dogs are required to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. New Freedom, Glen Rock, and Shrewsbury Boroughs contract Hemler Animal Control for animal control. Railroad Borough uses the PA State Dog Officer.
Joyce Hemler (Shrewsbury, New Freedom, and Glen Rock Borough)
Animal Control Service, Box 5278 Stone Church Road, Glenville PA 17329
PA State Dog Warden (Railroad Borough)
Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement - 717 787-4833
Wildlife Animal Issues - Pennsylvania Game Commission - 610 926-3136

Loitering - All four boroughs have establish ordinances prohibiting loitering in public places. Loitering is remaining idle essentially in one location, walking aimlessly, and "hanging around." Public places are public streets and sidewalks, parking lots, stores, restaurants, taverns, and other business establishments.

Abandoned Vehicles - PA Vehicle code defines abandoned vehicles as vehicles that are physically inoperable and left unattended on highway or public property greater than 48 hours or parked illegally on highway or on roadway greater than 48 hours without valid registration, valid inspection, or visible VIN number or parked on private property without consent greater than 24 hours.

New Freedom
Skateboarding - An established ordinance prohibits skateboarding on public streets and sidewalks and on public property where permission was not granted.
Certain Weapons - Except in defense of persons or property, it is illegal to fire or discharge any gun, including B.B. guns and pellet guns or any other firearm within the borough. Bow and arrow shooting can only be conducted with proper backstops approved by the chief of police or upon appeal and approval by borough council.

Glen Rock Borough

Church St. (SR3008) weight restriction -
It is illegal for any person to operate a motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer having a load capacity in excess of 1500 pounds on Church St. in Glen Rock Borough (up or down hill). Exceptions: Delivery of goods or services to locations on Church St. or side streets only accessible by Church St. and moving vehicles to place of residence by the owner.

Shrewsbury Borough

Control of Alarm Devices -
Per Title 18 of the PA crimes code, alarms that occur greater that (3) times within a 12 month period are subject to fines. This is enforced due to frequent alarms where owners fail to repair defective alarms.