The Patrol Division of the Southern Regional Police Department is the backbone of the police department. The patrol division is responsible for providing 24 hour police protection to the citizens of those areas covered by the Southern Regional Police Department.

All calls for service, crimes in progress, crime reporting, general motor and foot patrols are handled by the patrol division. Our officers have received specialized training in assigned areas such as traffic safety, drug interdiction, motorcycle patrol, forensics, accident reconstruction, and crime prevention.


The Criminal Investigation Division of the Southern Regional Police Department is responsible for handling the follow-up investigations of major and time involved crimes. The criminal division also handles processing crimes scenes for forensic evidence and are assigned to the York County Forensic Team.


The Southern Regional Police Department operates a seasonal bicycle patrol. The bike unit is part of the community policing program and is used to supplement patrol in many public functions and activities. Bike officers have completed specialized training and are members of the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA).

Bike officers patrol congested areas, business districts, carnivals, parades, Halloween details, and car shows. The York County Heritage Rail Trail passes through our jurisdiction and bike officers do periodic patrols of the rail trail and parking areas. The bike officers also assist with local bike derbies and safety training events for kids. Helmet usage, proper maintenance, and safe riding skills are taught and demonstrated.


Through a state grant, the Southern Regional Police Department was able to obtain a Harley Davidson 'Road King'. This Motorcycle is used to patrol and enforce traffic laws in our region as well as special events. 


The Southern Regional Police Department has officers and civilians trained and certified in various specialized areas.  The list includes:
  Defensive Tactics and Less Lethal Instructor
  Crime Prevention Technicians
  Crime Scene Mapping Technicians
  Firearms Instruction   
  Accident Reconstruction
  Rapid Deployment
  Juvenile Youth Aid Panel

The Southern Regional Police Department has officers assigned to:
  York County Drug Task Force
  York County Forensic Unit 
 York County Quick Response Team
  York County Child Abduction Team

  All officers and staff are certified in CPR and Automatic Early Defibrillators (AED's)
  Four officers are assigned to the South Central PA Terrorism Strike Force
  The department provides free gun locks as part of project child safe