The Southern Regional Police Department

Recently recognized by the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Commission
on Crime and Delinquency
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
March 27, 2013

Chief James S. Boddington
Southern Regional Police Department
47 East High Street
New Freedom, Pennsylvania 17349

Dear Chief Boddington:

The Victims Compensation Assistance Program (VCAP) is committed to helping victims and their families through the emotional and physical aftermath of crime by easing the financial burden imposed upon them. To maintain that commitment, VCAP is working constantly to ensure that compensation is provided in a timely and accurate manner; and one of those ways is through the relationship VCAP has formed and maintained with the 1,200 police departments that serve and protect the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Our enabling legislation, the Crime Victims Act, states in part that "the VCAP shall investigate the validity of each claim and examine the police, court and official records and reports concerning the crime." This mandate was achieved, because of your hard work and diligence, by quickly answering our requests for copies of your police reports. Your department was one of 269 which consistently returned the reports to us in 15 days or less, thereby expediting the process of getting much needed financial assistance to crime victims and their families.

As a former Pennsylvania Chief of Police, I completely understand the burdens that you face on a daily basis and that your time and resources are at a premium. We realize that compensation is important, but appreciate that it is only part of the work done by Pennsylvania's dedicated law enforcement officers to make crime victims' lives as whole as possible again. Because you and the members of your department are making that extra effort by submitting your police reports in 15 days or less, our work continues to make an enormous difference in their lives.

Sincerely yours,

Edward A. Katz
Special Projects and Financial Services Unit



If you have information that could effect the safety and well being of a member of our community, or information related to a crime or potential future incident, we sincerely encourage you to share this information with us.     (717) 235-3944


If you wish to remain totally anonymous, we will honor your request. You can help save a life or prevent serious injury or damage by simply sharing your knowledge with us confidentially.

ALL ACTIVE CRIMES should be reported immediately through 9-1-1