Nature of Incident:
Date of Incident:
March 29, 2014
Location of Incident:
Southern York County, PA
Person Involved: Jeromy McCauley
Shrewsbury, PA
Incident Summary:
An eighteen year old man and two juvenile males have been charged with over $22,000 in vandalism damage. The individuals, over the course of a months time, spray painted graffiti on several parks and businessí in Southern York County.

The properties by municipality and damages were as follows: Shrewsbury Borough; The Factory Building with $75.00, Shrewsbury Borough Building with $2737.63, Sweeney Park with $2417.63, Saubelís Market with $1125.00, Shrewsbury Fire Department with $2670.46.

New Freedom Borough; Marge Goodfellow Park with $582.07, Steam into History with $450.00, York County Parks with $123.33, Business property on N Constitution with $9866.56, Business property on E High St. with $645.00.

In Springfield Township; York County Parks with $433.66 in damage.

York Township; York County Parks with $1138.44 in damage.

They used the tag names Dire, Vivid, Amen and Awe. Jeromy McCauley stated that he used the tag names of AWE and AMEN because he is in awe of God and amen because it means something to him and his faith. One of the juveniles stated that he used the tag name VIVID because he loves art and that he was doing it to get his name out. The last juvenile stated he started using the tag name DIRE after walking up the steps at his house and seeing it on a cardboard box and it stuck with him.

Jeromy McCauley of Shrewsbury was arraigned by DJ Joy on March 26 and released on unsecured bail. The two juveniles have allegations filed against them with Juvenile Probation.



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